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Obama goons demand internet takeover.

Obama’s FCC Chairman is demanding the power to regulate the Internet.


Of course, this attempted sleight of regulatory hand does not get The Chairman past one glaring problem – the D.C. Circuit Court has already unanimously ruled that the FCC doesn’t have the authority to regulate the Internet under Title I – at least as far as enforcing Network Neutrality is concerned. (Which is why Free Press & Co. have been clamoring for Title II Reclassification.)

And Net Neutrality is why The Chairman has engaged in – and forced us all to endure- this one year-plus kabuki dance. Testimonium – The Chairman now looks poised to have the FCC again attempt to enforce Net Neutrality – under his now stretched-beyond-all-recognition Title I. What a short, selective memory he has.

And most economically destructive of all – it appears The Chairman will try to impose Net Neutrality not just on wired broadband Internet service – but on wireless “smart phones” as well.

This would be a titanic overreach by The Chairman – and an immense blow to the economy. The uncertainty caused just by The Chairman’s prolonged flirtation with the Media Marxists and their ridiculous Internet notions has already cost us billions of dollars in private sector Web investment.

The cost in investment dollars and jobs lost when Net Neutrality is actually imposed will be cataclysmic.

These aren’t the fake “saved or created” jobs of the alleged “stimulus” – these are very real jobs denied or destroyed by the ridiculous and ridiculously damaging Net Neutrality. Imposed by an FCC and its Chairman who know in advance that they do not have the authority to do so.

What will follow will be years of litigation forced upon us by The Chairman – to undo what he knew beforehand he didn’t have the authority to do.

What will follow will be years of diminished and diminishing Web capacity, caused by an absurd policy wrongfully jammed down our throats by a dictatorial, rogue Executive Branch Commission.

What will follow will be years of stagnant or declining job growth, as investment capital rightly flees a regulation-constricted Internet which is no longer amenable to free market success.