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Sesame Street launches pro-welfare campaign.

New Sesame Street character urges families to eat healthier on the taxpayers’ dime.

The left-wing wants people to feel good about being on welfare. California recently began allowing users to withdraw their food stamp benefits in cash. California decided that having to use an EBT card at the grocery might make some people feel bad. Now, those who used sell their benefits to buy drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and lottery tickets, will be able to buy these items with the full dollar amount of the food stamp allotment.

Now, Sesame Street urging families to eat on the taxpayers dime. Sesame Street is a children’s show on taxpayer subsidized PBS.

The “brains” behind the pro-welfare campaign claim that families will “eat healthier” on welfare. Anyone who has ever been in line at the grocery store behind someone using an EBT card knows this is generally false.

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