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Surprise! Obama wants to detain US citizens without trial after all.

Veto? Yeah right suckas!

Sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA bill grant the president the power to order the military to detain US citizens on US soil “indefinitely” and without trial or constitutional protections. Section 1031 is the part specifically covering US citizens on US soil. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham admitted to the press that American citizens could be rounded up and detained on US soil. He said the United States is a “battlefield.” The media claimed Obama would save the day by vetoing the bill. Wrong! It was Obama who requested the new powers.


Many were skeptical that Obama was sincere about vetoing these broad new Federal powers.

Last October the New York Times blew on the whistle on internal White House documents calling for new assisination powers. The New York Times reported that White House lawyers spent the past year drawing up legal arguments for the assassination of a US citizen. The result was a fifty page memorandum saying that the president of the United State has the right to order the assassination of a US citizen.

Democratic Congressman Carl Levin fired back at Obama last Monday. He announced that Obama had personally requested the new powers. Levin stated that language meant to limit the new powers was removed at Obama’s request.

Today Obama dropped the charade and admitted he has no intention of vetoing the new powers.

Democrat Senator Carl Levin crafted the draconian legislation behind closed doors with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. He outed Obama as the mastermind behind the provisions last Monday. The US Senate overwhelmingly voted not to remove the provisions. The US House will vote on the NDAA bill tomorrow.

Yesterday Ron Paul stated that Obama is trying to “legalize martial law.” This is an explicit declaration of a police state in writing by the US Senate.

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