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Who should the GOP pander too?

Every GOP presidential candidate, except for Ron Paul who is barred, will participate in a debate held by the Republican Jewish Committee[RJC]. The group lists “Israel” as it’s number one policy issue.


In the 2008 Presidential election, 80% of American Jewish voters selected Barack Obama. The group J-Street has released polls stating that American Jews will vote overwhelmingly to re-elect Obama against any Republican candidate. This means that Jewish Republicans, at best, reflect one half of one percent of the electorate.

Why is the GOP going out of it’s way to pander to an organization, with such a tiny base, that lists a foreign nation as it’s most important policy issue?

Why not a debate that panders to White Southerners? Or if you want to pander to a religious group, how about Mormons? White Southerners and Mormons are two huge groups that vote overwhelmingly Republican.