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1 dead, 20 hurt in student stampede for college entry.

What it “reflects” is the  incivility of Africa’s indigenous population, which has turned South Africa into the murder and rape capital of the world…just like we predicted!


A mob of applicants surged to meet a registration deadline at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa on Tuesday, Jan. 10. One person was killed and nearly 20 injured in a stampede Tuesday by students trying to register at the University of Johannesburg, reflecting desperate demand for higher education among the poor in Africa’s largest economy.

Thousands of potential applicants had lined up for days for about 800 slots at the university, most of them from poor families but who had scored high enough on national exams to be considered for higher education.

The application process has been open for weeks but many poor students do not have Internet access and could not apply online. The crush was caused by students pushing their way into offices on the final day for applications, university officials said.

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