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18 year old brutally beaten and gang raped in Chicago.

An 18 year old girl was barred from entering a Chicago Club because she forgot her ID. Police say she sat down on the sidewalk near the club. Within minutes six to eight thugs pounced on her.

She was then attacked, beaten, and gang raped in an ally. The victim was left in a coma and barely alive. She has been making a strong recovery.

Police say six to eight attackers were involved. Three of the suspects were apprehended by Club security. The Chicago police only questioned them and released the suspects, despite having blood on their clothes from the victim.

The media is censoring all mention of race. The Chicago media is calling the victim a “suburban teen,” a media code word for a white person. The attack was probably a racially motivated assault by blacks. Recently, the Chicago Tribune admitted to censoring black crime and aggressively defended the practice. Employees of the Chicago Tribune say that protecting the image of black people is more important than keeping the public safe.

Despite dozens of local articles and video, every single Chicago media outlet is keeping the race of the suspects a secret.