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A typical day for the Detroit City Council

Outburst like are now completely routine for the Detroit City Council.

Remember, the Detroit City Council isn’t just full of idiots, but criminals as well.

Former Detroit City Council President Pro-Temp Monica Conyers, wife of rapid white hating Rep. John Conyers, was recently sent to prison for receiving bribes. Conyers asked a judge to let her serve the rest of her sentence at home after complaining about the lack of “seconds” at dinner time. Her husband, Rep. Conyers recently objected to moving US troops from a base in Japan to Guam. He stated on the floor of the US House of Representatives that the Island of Guam might capsize from the weight of the extra people.

Before that the infamous Detroit Mayor, a major Barack Obama ally, Kwame Kilpatrick was sent to prison for corruption, obstruction of justice, and perjury. He was recently released but faced dozens of additional charges. So far Barack Obama has not conducted any new campaign events with him.

Let’s not forget the Detroit School Board president that was outed as being functionally illiterate.

[youtube qqOSNI7l0bQ]

In college history classes around the country show students this clip from a movie released in 1915. Students are then taught that this is horrible “racist” propaganda to vilify black politicians. Yet, many black politicians behave worse than what is depicted in the clip. Why don’t white people and black people condemn the bad behavior of the nations “black leadership.”