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America's Police State Fundraising

All across the nation, cities, counties, and states are bankrupt. 2011 say a record 40,000 new laws passed nationwide. The majority of these new laws are aimed at raising revenue. While vicious monsters are released from prison, law abiding citizens are receiving outrageous “fines” for the most asinine of “offenses.” Of for things they have been doing freely their entire lives. Property owners are seeing their property values re-assessed at higher values, despite a universal nationwide dramatic fall in actual property values.

California has always been far ahead of the curve in draconian fund raising laws. A new state law requires all eight year olds to use a baby seat in the car. If their parents don’t place them in a baby seat, they face a $400 fine.

Parents who threw away their baby seats years ago and now forced to buy new ones and humiliate their eight year old children or live in fear of being pulled over and fined $400 per child aged eight and under. ABC National News says that claims made by the state of California about increased safety are a hoax. To create their phony data they compared crashes involving children in booster seats vs. no seat belt at all.

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All across the nation, Americans are being hit with outrageous property value re-assessments. For most people, the actual value of their property is way down. This has not stopped counties all over the nation from increasing the taxable value anyway. Often, law abiding citizens are forced to hire lawyers to fight their county bureaucrats.