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Another miscegenation murder.

White homosexuals who engage in relationships with black men are also dramatically more likely to be murdered by their partner.

Russell Brown, a black homosexual, confessed to murdering his white boyfriend. The two had also been friends since early childhood. Brown stabbed the man to death and then attempted to destroy the body through arson.


Cleveland Police said Russell Brown gave a very remorseful confession Sunday night to killing his longtime friend Harold Lee Montgomery.

“They had actually been childhood friends for several years, they both grew up together and they’re both local so they knew each other, perhaps going to the same school but they knew each other since they were children,” Cleveland Police officer Evie West said.

Cleveland firefighters answered a fire call at room 117 of the Georgetown Road Days Inn hotel early New Year’s Day morning. That’s when they found Montgomery’s body — it was obvious Montgomery had been stabbed several times around the neck and upper body.

During Brown’s confession detectives learned more about why the long-time friends were at the Day’s Inn New Year’s Eve.

“Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Brown have carried on a sexual relationship, an occasional sexual relationship, for the past 15-years and so they decided on New year’s Eve night to have a sexual encounter at Days Inn,” Officer West said.

Officer West said Montgomery and Brown got into an argument that boiled over to the point when Brown pulled a knife. Police won’t say yet what the argument was about.