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CNN, George Lucas act like fictional new movie is a "triumph" over racism.

George Lucas is coming out with a racial equality propaganda film. It is based around a fictional portrayal of black US pilots in WWII. The US Air Force used black escort pilots to protect bombers in areas where the Axis air force and air defenses were non-existent. Over time, white liberals invented a fictional narrative of super invincible black pilots who crushed the Germans. Actually historians have debunked this myth over and over, but every few years the media brings it back. The usual myths are that they never lost a pilot (untrue), never lost a bomber they were escorting (untrue), flew outdated planes (untrue), and served is areas with string German air defense (untrue).

The depiction of the squadron ans elite or even invincible fighters is patently untrue. In fact, the squadron was almost disbanded after it first mission over due to a poor performance. There was a congressional hearing, but congress decided to keep the unit for political reasons. It was believed that the pilots would be role models for America’s black youth. The mission in question, which was over the tiny Island of Pantelleria, was a tiny island with a small Axis force. The enemy troops were bombed into submission by a massive bombardment by numerous British ships. The black pilots of the 99th Squadron were one of several units that straffed ground forces. The unit was nearly disbanded because the black pilots fled from the small number of Axis planes while white pilots engaged them. Years later a fictional narrative was invented that the black unit forced the ground forces to surrender without the aid of the British Navy or white US pilots. In fact, Afro-mythologists now call it “the first time in world history a ground force surrendered to an air assault.” The tiny enemy force surrounded primarily because of a massive naval bombardment and blockade.

Now George Lucas is pretending like he is some kind of champion for civil rights by making the movie.

Let’s examine. The new movie by George Lucas is a re-make of a 1995 movie called “The Tuskegee Airmen.” This movie was put out by a major studio and starred major actors. It depicted a tale of invincible black pilots overcoming “racism” by white people.

This movie was revived again by PBS in 2002 for tax payer subsidized national syndication. Then re-released on video as a PBS home video.

George Lucas is making a remake of a movie that was syndicated nationally with tax payer dollars! Yet he has the audacity to claim that his making of the movie is a triumph over “racism” in the entertainment industry.

CNN’s resident race hustler Roland Martin is claiming the same and says that Hollywood is “allergic” to black movies.