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CNN Polls: Least credible.

Mass e-mails have been flying across the internet accusing CNN of deliberately trying to prevent Ron Paul from getting second place victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Immediately before the Iowa Caucus, CNN went on a pro-Santorum blitz causing the little known candidate to take a surprise second. Then CNN went of a Huntsman blitz, even falsely claiming that Ron Paul was falling and Huntsman was surging. CNN’s supposed poll showing a Ron Paul plummet and a Huntsman “surge” was the most inaccurate poll of any outlet. Huntsman was even much less known and was not even on the ballot in at least seven states. He dropped out yesterday.

From these four poll results, we can see that CNN is still at.

Three major polling outlets give Romney an average 29% and Ron Paul 17%. Each of the three polls is fairly consistent.

Yet CNN gives Romney 37% and Paul 12%. Results that are not even close to the other three polls.

CNN’s phony polls is just more evidence that the network is not a news outlet but a left-wing propaganda outlet. They don’t report the news, they are trying to create the news.