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Controversial Mayor Leslie Thompson Hurls Racial Charges At Opponents In Town Meeting On Budgets.

Jonesboro Louisiana Mayor Leslie Thompson asserted the budget issues were a “cultural clash,” instead of about money, and there were “problems making adjustments.”

The administration of the Town of Jonesboro continues to flout the law and spend the taxpayer’s money apparently however it sees fit. Public officials often see themselves as above the law, and not answerable to the public, or the rules they are sworn to uphold.

Some Background

See here some history from when the ordinances were first introduced at the January meeting.

If an ordinance proposed at Tuesday night’s Town of Jonesboro Board of Aldermen is adopted at the February meeting of the board, the salary for controversial Mayor Leslie Thompson will be doubled, from $35 thousand/year to $70 thousand/year.

Also introduced at last night’s meeting was a revised budget undoing almost all of the work done last fall by the previous board of aldermen.

In addition to the doubling of the mayor’s salary, other changes include increasing the mayor’s travel budget from $1 thousand to $5 thousand; adding $12.5 thousand to ‘entertainment & marketing’; and adding $5.5 thousand to ‘town development.’

The $190 thousand contingency line item was wiped out.

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Update #1 Article

Louisiana NAACP State Conference President Ernest Johnson announced today at a press conference held at the Jackson Parish Courthouse that a statewide “Wake Up Rally” will be taking place on January 14th, 2012 here in Jonesboro, LA. This is the Saturday before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s next birthday.

Jackson Parish NAACP President Windy Callahan along with Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson, Jonesboro Council Members LaStevic Cottonham and Devin Flowers, as well as Jena 6 attorneys Carol Powell Lexing and Louis G. Scott were among many others present.

Update #2 Article

IRS Files Tax Lien Against Jonesboro

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) yesterday filed a federal tax lien against the Town of Jonesboro for over $25 thousand, according to a document obtained this morning by Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO). Named in the lien is “Town of Jonesboro Office of the Mayor.”