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"Mainstream" Media censoring Obama's multi-million dollar parties.

Obama recreated the movie "Alice in Wonderland" in the White House, actually hiring the movie's director Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp.

The media is censoring what goes on at the White House to protect the Obama family from a massive backlash.

Millions of dollars are being spent on the extravagant parties and constant vacations held by the Obama family.

Back in 2009, Obama threw an “Alice in Wonderland” party at the White House. Hollywood stars Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were hired to put on the party. The party also featured the original Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Despite their major celebrity status, Burton and Depp agreed to keep their participation a secret. Imagine how much they must had paid these mega stars to get confidentiality agreements.

The extravagant and outlandish behavior of the Obama family is actually worse than the “racist” depiction of black politicians in the movie Birth of A Nation.

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