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Mayor witnesses brutal hate crime, "no evidence" says prosecutors.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce. Prosecuting black thugs for a brutal racially motivated gang attack seems low on her list of priorities.


Jennifer Joyce personally defending the actions of her department to drop the charges. It is unclear if she personally ordered the charges to be dropped or if one of her underlings did it. Four witnesses exist. The victim, the mayor, a police officer, and a 13 year old girl are all witnesses. The mayor even said that the suspects should be charged with attempted murder. The victim remembers his attackers vividly.

Thugs are often sent to prison based on the eyewitness testimony of the victim alone. They don’t have the mayor and a police officer to back them up. Yet Joyce says her department can’t make a case because the 13 year old girl backed out. Joyce would rather be threatening Obama critics with libel than prosecuting black thugs for horrific crimes.

St. Louis Mayor Slay says he strongly believes the 13 year old girl has been intimidated. Joyce claims she was not. Someone in the city government, probably from Joyce’s department, leaked a rumor to the press that the girl could not be located. This is now being reported as false.

You can reach St. Louis City Attorney Jennifer Joyce at (314) 622-4941. Here is an online contact form to send an e-mail to Joyce.

The mayor of St. Louis and his bodyguard/driver, and St. Louis police officer, witnessed and broke up a racially motivated gang attack.

A 52 year old white man was targeted at random by seven black thugs. He was severely injured. It is likely that he would have been killed, but the mayor and police officer happened to be driving down the road and spotted the attack.

There are at least four witnesses. The victim. The mayor. A police officer. A 13 year old girl.

The 13 year old girl was too afraid to come to court and testify. So the St. Louis prosecutors dropped the case. Some media outlets incorrectly claimed that charges were dismissed. However, new reports say the prosecutor dropped the charges. The seven thugs were released. The victim was forced to listen to the suspects cheering wildly and gloating outside the courthouse.

The person in charge of the department that prosecutes criminals in St. Louis is Jennifer Joyce.

Joyce, the top city prosecutor, appeared on local television with the top county prosecutor in September of 2008. The pair called themselves Obama “Truth Squad” leaders. They seemed to imply on the news that they would prosecute critics of Obama with criminal libel. CofCC CEO Gordon L. Baum called Joyce to question her about the statements. Joyce refused to back down over the phone.

The CofCC broke the story online. The story was then picked up by Rush Limbaugh and others. Joyce faced national outrage, largely because of this website, and finally issued a statement downplaying her original statement. It appeared that Joyce hoped to use her position to intimidate members of the St. Louis area from publicly criticizing Obama.

St. Louis Mayor Slay says that the thugs should have been charged with attempted murder. He says he will not forget the victim and that police will continue to monitor the suspects.

Her office is refusing to prosecute the seven monsters who allegedly nearly killed a man in a racially motivated attack. The victim recognizes the suspects and the Mayor and his police driver are also witnesses. Perhaps Joyce would rather spend her time using her office to pump up Obama.