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Media hides guilty party in 3rd grade controversy.

Beaver Ridge Elementary school in Norcross, GA has cause a sensation in the media. Third grade student were given math homework that including questions about slavery, picking cotton, and beatings.

The media reports insinuate that “white racists” are responsible. But let’s examine this.

Beaver Ridge Elementary is 63% Hispanic, 27% Black, 7% Asian, and 4% White. It is likely that the staff of Beaver Ridge Elementary is overwhelmingly not White. Notice how none of the media reports have shined a spotlight on the teacher who assigned the homework. Dozens of media outlets, including ABC Nation News have covered the story. All blame “racism,” which is to insinuate that a mean white people did it out of hatred for his black students. Not a single report attempts to identify the race of the teacher.

Perhaps, media bosses learned the race of the teacher and it just didn’t fit their political agenda.