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Obama administration trying to bully Europe into using GMO crops.

The Obama administration is in bed with Monsanto and using the US State Department to attempt to bully foreign nations into using Monsanto’s experimental genetically modified seeds.

The crops produced by these seeds interact with the environment have have been shown to result in stronger worms, stronger insects, and stronger weeds. These worms, insects, and weeds can spread and destroy non-genetically enhanced crops.

GMO foods cause sterilization and other health problems in lab animals. The effects of humans are unknown, because there have never even been any studies.

[youtube eiK_RF3ioRw]

Note: 91% of all US soybeans are genetically modified Monsanto crops. Three Russian firms, the Institute of Ecology, the Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the National Association for Gene Security conducted a study on Monsanto genetically modified soybeans.

They found that hamsters went completely sterile in three generations after eating Monsanto soybeans. They are have bizarre and serious mutations and health problems.

Monsanto Soybeans are genetically modified to be “Roundup Ready.” In other words, they are modified to tolerate super high levels of the herbicide “roundup.” Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov explains that Monsanto soybeans typically have larger amounts of herbicide residue than non-GMO soybeans. He says that researchers can’t be sure if the roundup is rendering the hamsters sterile or other side effects of the GMO soybeans.

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