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Obama may launch third new war in Africa.

Breaking! Obama is sending five US soldiers to Sudan to access the situation. Obama will also “sell” arms to the new government of Southern Sudan. By “sell” he means he will give them US taxpayer dollars, then exchange weapons for those dollars back.

The US state department recently backed the creation of a homogenous homeland for the non-Muslim Nilo-Saharan people. Their enemies are Muslims to the north. The Obama administration views homogeneity as a must for African nations, but an anathema for the US.

Since taking office Obama has launched new wars in Yemen, Libya, Somalia, and Uganda. He is also conducting a massive buildup of forces in the Mediterranean and the Gulf for possible wars with Syria and Iran. Recently Obama admitted that the US can not pay for all this any more. Instead of cutting wars, he said he is cutting soldiers. A half million US military personal are being cut.