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Obama: We can no longer fund my wars!

Obama’s bizarre plan to slash troop levels but continue foreign wars.


Since taking office, Obama launched a major war in Libya. He has sent combat troops into Yemen, Somalia, and Uganda. He has tripled military spending in Africa. He is financing “democracy” in Egypt and armed revolution in Syria. He has increased military funding aid to dozens of foreign nations. He has sent US auto worker jobs to Pakistan to make vehicle for the US military.

Despite his “I go in, troops come home” campaign pledge on Iraq, he did not bring the troops home early from Iraq. He had to be drug kicking and screaming by his own party just to abide by the George W. Bush deadline.

Obama is currently building up a US military presence in several regions of the world. He just ordered the creation of a new base in Australia to “confront the emerging threat of China.” He has been massing military resources in Africa, the Persian Gulf, and the Mediterranean. He is threatening a massive bombardment of Iran that would severely damage the world economy.

Now Obama admits the US cannot afford it. However, he has no plans to stop empire building. Just empire building with a smaller military.

Obama wants to slash troop levels by half a million. In fact, the cuts have already begun. The US military is already forcing career personnel to retire early. Some military job fields have already been quietly cut by 15%.