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Ocala, Fl school protected perps in racially motivated bus attack.

The racially motivated gang assault on a white female 13 year old in Ocala, FL was the second in a row on the same bus! Some of the same suspects brutally attacked and hospitalized a white twelve year old on the same bus last November. The girls’ older sister rushed in and was beaten by the attackers while trying to shield her younger sister. The initial twelve year old victim was beaten unconscious.

The school suspended them, but protected them from further disciplinary action. The school failed to follow the rules and notify the district. District Administrators say the thugs would have been barred from ever riding the school bus again, had the schools’ assistant principle not hidden the information from them.

While the assistant principle protected the thugs, he suspended the victims older sister for trying to shield her younger sister from attack.

Instead of doing something about the black thugs, Liberty Middle School persecuted the white victims of the first bus attack. Click here for the Liberty Middle Schools “Highly Qualified Administrators” contact page.

Click here to watch video.

Notice the local media downplays the attack. They claim “a fight between two groups” of girls. ” Five blacks attacked one girl and beat her unconscious. The victim’s older sister tried to shield the first victim with her body and was also beaten. Does that sound like a “fight between two groups?” Also, the report fails to mention that the attackers are all black and the attacks are racially motivated.

If the races were reversed, this would be a national news story.