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Portland refusing to charge black assailants with "hate crimes."

Despite increasing levels of brutal racially motivated black on white mob violence, many big city prosecutors still absolutely refuse to charge any blacks with hate crimes.

Portland has seen a rash of brutal racially motivated group assaults against random white victims.  None of the attackers are being charged with hate crimes despite the fact that the black perpetrators routinely use racial slurs while committing these crime.

Channel 2 Portland is reporting growing outrage over the refusal to prosecute black perpetrators with hate crimes. Watch the left-wing liberal arts college professor explain how black thugs attacking a white victim while screaming racial slurs is not a “hate crime.”

The same exact people claiming that the bus attack was “not a hate” would be screaming for hate crime charges if the races had been reversed. Anytime, anywhere in the country, any black person is attacked a white person for any reason, the left and the media automatically scream “hate crime.” When a mob of blacks blatantly attack a random victim solely because that person it white, the same people say “not a hate crime.”

[youtube Y-TJPh26ONA]