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Radical leftists erect anti-white billboards in Duluth.

Duluth mayor Don Ness is backing the anti-white hate campaign. He can be contacted at 218-730-5230.

“Anti-Racist” is a code word for anti-white.

Don Ness is the mayor of Duluth, Minnesota. He is part of an extreme left-wing campaign to erect anti-white billboards and posters around Duluth, Minnesota.

Black people in Minnesota benefit from runaway affirmative action programs in the state. Minnesota has also seen a dramatic rise in racially motivated black on white violence in the past year. White people in Minnesota are discriminated against and victimized because of their skin color at rates astronomically higher than blacks are. Yet the billboard/poster campaign claims that white people have an “unfair advantage because of their skin color.” The ads claim that white people are treating blacks unfairly.

The website for the campaign is viciously anti-white. It shows pictures of fair-skinned white people and then depicts them as the enemies of non-whites. It claims blacks and immigrants are being treated unfairly by whites. It’s absurd claims will only fuel actual racial hatred, the hatred directed at white people.

[youtube mbfDjZ9vmzM]

During the past year, vicious black mobs have been attacking random white people in Minnesota. This large scale black mob attack on scores of white people took place in Minneapolis last August. This hate-filled anti-white campaign backed by mayor Don Ness will only encourage more violent black thugs to attack white people in his state.

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