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Seven charged in racially motivated attack.

Ocala, Florida bus beating was a racially motivated attack on a white female.

We had been speculating that the victim would turn out to be white in this brutal school bus beating. The media had been hiding her race. Now police have confirmed that the victim is white and was targeted because of her race.

The victim is a white fourteen year old who was brutally beaten by seven male and female black thugs on her school bus. Police have arrested the seven thugs. Naturally the seven thugs say the innocent victim started it. Because of their age they will be slapped on the wrist.

The victim was severely injured and had to be rushed to the hospital. The school district says they may have to add security to their school buses because of the violent behavior of black students.

If the races had been reversed this would be the BIGGEST news story in America. The left-wing media does not want you to know that innocent whites are being attacked, raped, and murdered every single day because of the color of their skin.

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