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St. Louis hate crime victim harassed by freed suspects.

Remember the man who was attacked by seven black teen thugs. He was severely beaten until the attack was broken up by the mayor of St. Louis and a police officer. The mayor says the man would have been killed if the two hadn’t been driving down the road at the right time.

Despite having the victim, the mayor, and a police officer as witnesses, Obama fanatic prosecutor Jennifer Joyce says there is not enough evidence to prosecute. A thirteen year old girl who also witnesses the attack was a afraid to testify. Joyce shamelessly used the 13 year old as an excuse to drop the charges. The suspects cheered and gloated in from of the courthouse after being freed.

Think the won’t attack more white people? Two of the suspects already approached and threaten the victim! Witness tampering, criminal threats, intimidation. Don’t expect Jennifer Joyce to press charges.

Note: This news report erroneously states that the case was dismissed. The charged were dropped by the prosecutor.