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Thirteen year old murdered teacher and raped corpse.

The same vicious monster as stabbed a female neighbor multiple times.

From UK Mail Online…

A student who was just 13-years-old when he sexually assaulted and strangled his teacher to death has been sentenced to 85 years in jail.

Brian Wonsom, now 15, killed Hannah Wheeling, 65, after she had given him a test at Cheltenham Youth Facility, Maryland in February 2010.

The teacher’s naked body was found in the snow after Wonsom crushed her skull with a cinder block and choked her with a cord.

At his hearing on Friday, he pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and attempted first-degree rape, and to attempted first-degree murder in a separate case in 2009.

Wonsom was sent to Cheltenham Youth Facility after his mother found stolen goods at their home and alerted authorities.

As he took a test with Wheeling on February 17, 2010, he beat and strangled her. When she was dead, he sexually assaulted her.