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online casino anti-conservative hate piece backfires.

Pappas says low IQ = more racist. So are black people the most racist?

From the desk of the webmaster… published an absurd “science” article claiming that conservatism attracts people with low IQs. There is a huge flaw in the article. It is written by a complete moron.

The extreme left-wing writer Stephanie Pappas is not actually a scientist. She has a BA in psychology. About the single easiest four year degree a person can get. Notice how all the left-wing militants who profess to be so smart have degrees in the soft sciences? Not to many engineers out there who are raving leftists.

Anyway, Pappas says she can prove that low IQ = more conservative. She says this is because low IQ = more racist. She claims that people with lower IQs are more racist even if they don’t know it. To prove this she quotes some other radical leftists with soft science degrees.

People who actually have a high IQ immediately notice the problem with her logic. The segment of the US population that always tests the lowest for IQ scores are black people. Now according to Pappas black people should be the most racist and the most conservative.

However, black people also vote democrat at a rate of over 92%.

During the Bush administration, several left-wing websites were pushing articles claiming that high IQ = Democrat voter and low IQ = Republican voters. These articles turned out to have data that was completely fictitious. They also including most blacks into Republican voter populations. They would say things like Vermont, which voted Kerry, has a much higher average IQ than South Carolina, which voted for Bush. It ignores that South Carolina is a third black and 93% of those blacks voted Kerry. Vermont on the other hand, has almost no blacks.

So every-time another militant leftists tries to say that leftists are smarter, they either ignore blacks or try to include black IQ scores in the Republican camp!