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38 year old mother of hate crime perpetrator has 8 felony convictions!

Remember the videotaped hate crime beating of a white 14-year-old girl on a Portland TriMet bus last December? One of two black mob attacks on young white females in two weeks.

Several girls have been charged with crimes. The mother of one of the perps was not present but is charged with lying to police about her daughter’s whereabouts.

Get this. Police say the mother, Selena Estelle Harris, 38, already has eight felony convictions. For someone to get that many convictions it is safe to say they probably have committed scores of felonies during their life.

Four perpetrators in the mob attack have been arrested, but there is still no clear word on what charges they face. Portland authorities have said that they are refusing to charge the suspects with hate crimes. This caused a firestorm of anger on talk radio. The Portland DAs office says the perps used racial slurs, may in fact hate white people, but they “can’t be sure what the motive was.” Portland authorities simply refuse to charge anyone who is black with a hate crime. As the mob attack went all, other blacks crowded in to cheer, videotape, and egg on the perpetrators. Video was posted on worldstarhiphop, which glorifies and promotes black “thug culture.”

Those arrested:

Harris; daughter Shamone Burns, 18.
Burns 16 year old half-sister.
The 16 year old half-sister of Shamone’s half-sister.
A 13 year old.

The second mob attack on young white female on a Portland bus was a black mother-daughter team. Last month another black mother-daughter team assaulted a bus driver and a passenger. The race of the victims has not been identified in the media.