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Big Surprise! Rodney King arrested again.

Rodney King, America’s most notorious thug has been arrested again. Yes, this the same Rodney King that led police on a high speed chase through LA at 100 mph while high on narcotics, only to be turned into a hero by the black community. Four white police officers were persecuted with “brutality” charges to appease the black community. When the innocent officers were acquitted, there was a full scale black insurrection.

Thugs destroyed the city, leaving 55 people dead and 2,000 injured. Over $1 Billion dollars of property damage occurred. White people were beaten to death in the streets as police and national guard were ordered to stand down. The Federal government has videos of dead and badly wounded Whites and Asians lying in the streets. Only select members of law enforcement have ever been allowed to see the videos and are not allowed to keep any copies for fear the video will be leaked to the public.

After the bloodbath, Rodney King was given $3.8 million of the taxpayer dollars in an outrageous settlement. He burned through the money in record time and has continued to get arrested over and over and over. Several Asian business owners were persecuted for defending their shops against the murderous mobs.

Rodney King sentenced to 20 days home detention and sobriety program.