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Black Chicago church protests promotion of white police commander.

Members of a local black church, led by their pastor, protested in front of the Enlgewood district police station in Chicago. They are angry that the new commander is white.

Could you imagine a white church protesting a black police commander? It would be a national news story with pundits screaming “racism.”

From Chicago News Report…

On Saturday, February 4, 2012, Rev. Gregory Daniels (pictured left), backed by a small group of protesters, showed up at the Enlgewood district police station to express his disapproval of the neighborhood’s newly appointed police commander, Leo Schmitz.

Schmitz is white and Daniels thinks Englewood would be better served by a black police commander.

“There’s African American people here. 99.9%. They do understand some of our cultural and ethnical differences,” said Daniels. “Some of the way we are… the way we dress, the way we wear our hair… so they not so apt to pull us over just ’cause we’re wearing dreadlocks.”

There was no indication Daniels ever mentioned Schmitz’s qualifications or experience.

But how well did Englewood fair when Anthony Carothers, who happens to be black, was the police commander?

According to a January 24, 2012, Chicago Sun-Times article, last year, there was a 40% increase in murders in Englewood and the crime-infested community was responsible for 25% of the murders and shootings in Chicago.