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Brigitte Bardot endorses Le Pen. Media goes bonkers.

World famous actress Brigitte Bardot has been a target of a media hate campaign for years. She has been fined for “racism” for speaking out against the gruesome practices of Muslim butchers. She calls the practices “cruelty to animals.” The same practices are banned in many parts of the Western World.

Now Bardot has said enough is enough and it is time to support the Front National. Marine Le Pen needs 500 signatures for lower level elected French officials to be on the ballot for president. Despite polling in 2nd place with 20% or more, she hasn’t reached the 500 signatures. Many are afraid to sign for fear of being attacked by the media.

Bardot wrote a letter urging French mayors and councilors to “show some courage” and sign the ballot petition for Le Pen.

Left-wing media outlets, including MSNBC in the US, immediately launched a massive hate campaign against Bardot.