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Conservatives and Leftists agree! SPLC is a fraud.

Liberal Comedian lampoons the SPLC as a fundraising hustle on the Colbert Report, an extremely popular prime time cable news/comedy show.

The well known radical Leftist/Marxist Daily Kos has slammed the SPLC as a fundraising hustle.

Harper’s Magazine, a publication revered by liberal journalists and the left, slammed the SPLC hard with it’s famous “Church of Morris Dees” article.

Slammed as a fundraising hustle by the liberal Fairfax Journal.

Bonus: For some really juicy reading, check out Morris Dee’s divorce papers!

Watch Tony Perkins humiliate Mark Potok on the national cable news network MSNBC. Former MSNBC anchorman Tucker Carlson strongly denounced other claims by Mark Potok as “hogwash” and lampooned Potok in a commercial for his show.

[youtube 3m-K_qgMAik]