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Diversity in New Zealand. Maori and Africans battle for drug turf.

Diversity has officially come to New Zealand. Race based gangs are battling it our for drug turf.

Two members of the “Mongrel Mob,” a Maori/Polynesian gang has been convicted of severely beating a member of “Black Power,” an African drug gang.

From New Zealand Herald…

Two Mongrel Mob associates have been jailed for five years after a man with links to Black Power was the victim of “a concerted street attack” and “a sustained beating” in a Kaiti suburban street.

The victim was punched, kicked and hit with an iron bar.

One blow with the iron bar was so hard that a witness said it “looked hard enough to paralyse him”.

The victim was not seriously injured but that was due more to good luck than intent, said crown prosecutor Steve Manning in Gisborne District Court.

Wiremu Kori Marsh, 19, and Kororia Marsh, 20, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Kororia Marsh was jailed for an additional seven months on two counts of entering a property with intent to commit a crime and two counts of receiving stolen property.

Mr Manning said the defendants were at a party on September 24 when four men with links to Black Power went past.

One Black Power associate ran from the partying group after insults had been traded and a group of men ran after him with iron bars, a tyre iron, wheel brace and sticks.