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Florida media demonizes two more "racists."

These Florida High School students complained about white students imitating the bad behavior of black thugs. RACIST! RACIST! Call the police, ban them from the school system! Force them to grovel and beg for forgiveness.

Welcome to left-wing bizzaro land. Across North America and Europe there has been hundreds of incidents of black thugs attacking random white victims and videotaping it. These videos are then shared with friends and even uploaded onto the internet to boast. This almost never gets any media coverage unless someone is killed, nearly killed, or the victim is very young. The website worldstarhiphop has become a clearing house for racially motivated mob attack videos from black thugs. The media never even mentions race.

However, any time a white teenage girl makes observations about the behavior of other races, it is a major media event. The Florida media is now demonizing two more white female teens for a “racist youtube rant.” Videotaping a brutal racially motivated mob attack is ok, but white girls talking about their observations are a major threat to democracy.

[youtube vHQjvNKab9g]