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Gruesome slaying of white couple by black men in Detroit.

Another “Knoxville Horror” style torture death of a white couple appears to have taken place in Detroit.

The badly burned bodies of a white couple have been recovered in an alley in Detroit. A witness alerted police to their presence and says two black men dumped the bodies there.

Update: Both victims were bound with speaker wire. Both victims had gunshot wounds. The male victim still had his wallet, but police are waiting until they locate his next of kin to release his identity. The male victim is from Westland, and the female victim is suspected of being local. Initial evidence suggests it was a “thrill killing.”

Detroit is less than 8% “white.” However, the bodies were found in one of the most racially mixed areas with large numbers of very poor white people.

2 Badly Burned Bodies Discovered on Detroit’s Southwest Side: