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Heidi Beirich goes fishing.

Heidi Beirich, one of the public faces of the SPLC.

Occasionally, SPLC Senior Program Director Heidi Beirich e-mails this website. She works for the notorious left-wing fundraising hustle known as the SPLC. The group spews vitriol at anyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi. Among other things they have denounced the movie Lord of the Rings as racially offensive and repeatedly compare the American Family Association to the Ku Klux Klan.

The SPLC publishes a free magazine called the Intelligence Report. The CofCC has been attacked in every single issue of the magazine for the past twelve years or so. Beirich’s e-mails usually are a request that we provide information about ourselves that she can use in her magazine.

She also sent an interview request to one of the CofCC webmasters, Kyle Rogers, wanting “biographical information.” We suspect that the SPLC is about to launch an attempt to get a major website to ban Rogers from being a contributing writer. The SPLC is a hard-core pro-censorship organization with a history of his kind of activity. Beirich e-mailed Rogers a comical list of nine essay questions wanting Rogers to participate in an attack piece on himself.

Click below to read the exciting interview.

Beirich: I’m working on a short profile of you for a story we are writing. I wanted to ask a few questions and get some of your background. Do you have a bio that you use and would be willing to share? Here are some questions.

How did you get started with CofCC? What drew you to them? What are your major hopes for the group?

Can you also explain to me your role with CofCC? How long you’ve been with them? And any other types of activism you’ve been involved in. What issues do you think are most concerning right now? How will you further your activism?

Heidi Beirich, Ph.D.
Director, Intelligence Project
Southern Poverty Law Center

Rogers:  Answering all of that would take a lot of time just to contribute to an attack piece on myself. What is the incentive for me?

Beirich:I just wanted to give you an opportunity. If you’d prefer no comment, just let me know.

Rogers: I did comment. I said, “why should I write you a biography on myself when your stated intentions are to write an attack piece on me.”

We both know your employers are a total fraud with a primary objective to make a small group of people filthy rich. They have been completely denounced by both the right and the left. Even liberal comedian Steven Colbert lampooned your employers as fundraising hustlers on his popular prime time show.

I have a signed letter from Mark Potok admitting the SPLC is a fraud. He states in the letter than he will not give me SPLC literature because I am a member of the CofCC, which you guys call an “extremist group.” Then you claim on your website that you are rescuing people from “extremist groups.” My signed letter from Potok proves that the SPLC has no intention of doing this.

Unfortunately for you, you only get a modest salary but get to be a lightning rod for public anger against the organization. Now when publications write about the SPLC, they make personal attacks on you, which reduces the time they spend attacking Dees. Not a very good deal for you. How wise of Dees, with his embarrassing record, to avoid the public eye himself. Does Dees even invite you to his gated Saudi Prince-like palace for mimosas and steaks?