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How bad does a black cop have to be to get fired?!?!

Affirmative action as racial quotas are ruining our nations police department. Cases like the one below involved black officers are becoming widespread. Affirmative action and racial quotas in our nations police departments are to blame.

A black Milwaukee police officer was investigated for illegal behavior five times. Three of them were of a sexual nature. The police department absolutely refused to fire him. In fact, the Milwaukee district attorney declined to prosecute him for statutory rape of a 16-year-old, and he was allowed to keep his job. All common sense is thrown out the window when it comes to maintaining your racial quota!

It was only after raping a crime victim, that they finally decided he should go. Even then they did not charge him with rape. They fired him for “loafing.”

The thug has finally been convicted of rape and is awaiting sentencing.

The professional black race hustlers ignored the black female rape victim. Where was Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to protest police brutality?

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