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Iowa State Government sued for "theoretical" subconscious bias.

About one out of every nine adult black males in Iowa is demanding free money for theoretical racial bias by the state.

Yes, a new breed of flim flam race hustlers believe that black people should get free money for “theoretical” bias. They allege that black employees and applicants were “theoretically” discriminated against by the state of Iowa.

6,000 black plaintiffs are seeking free money in the shakedown lawsuit. Lawyers are asking for $67 million, or $11,166 per plaintiff.

It’s being called “the theory of implicit bias.” The same “theory” was used by a group of women who sued Walmart recently, but their case was thrown out by the US Supreme Court.

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Lets look at the facts:

1) Blacks are already given special treatment in hiring and promotions under an executive order issued by the previous Democratic Gov. Chet Culver.

2) The Federal government puts the Black population at 2.9%. A very large percentage are on welfare and don’t work at all. Full time state employees are 2.4% black.

3) The 6,000 plaintiffs constitute over 13 people for every one actual Black state government employee.

4) The 6,000 plaintiffs constitute about one out of every nine adult Blacks between the ages of 18 and 64 in Iowa!