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Jamaican from notorious hate crime beating slapped on the wrist.

The Jamaican bouncer from the notorious hate crime beating video on youtube was slapped on the wrist with the minimum sentence and will not face deportation.

Easton A. Byfield and a friend held a white man captive in the bathroom of club were Byfield worked as a bouncer. Byfield robbed and beat the man while his accomplice video taped the assault. At one point the victim is forced to kneel and recite “oh great brown dude” over and over. They uploaded the video to worldstarhiphop, an internet video sharing site that glorifies black thug culture. Numerous Videotaped racially motivated assaults against white people have been posted on the site.

The authorities refused to charge Byfield with a hate crime and worked out a special plea bargain so he could avoid a deportation hearing when he gets released.

Byfield practically giggles as he is sentenced.

[youtube OW8g8ogl9ws]