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Japan and Chile make unbelievable recovery while Haiti still a sea of rubble.

Once again Japan bounces back from mass destruction of their infrastructure.

Look at the dramatic recovery in Japan. Less than one year after the mega earthquake and tsunami in Japan, there has been a dramatic recovery.

Meanwhile it has been two years since the Haitian earthquake. The amount of foreign aid and foreign charity that has poured into their recovery is several times their government’s annual budget.

Much of Haiti still looks exactly the same as it did the day after the earthquake. The only new construction has been built by foreign charities and the UN.

The only thing the Haitian government seems capable of doing is steal charity and lie about the death toll. (They now claim, 300K people died. The US Census Bureau completely debunked this ludicrous claim.)

Look at this photo spread of the capitol of Haiti on the two year anniversary of the earthquake. The city is still covered in rubble. The people are still living in tents. Billions in foreign dollars have been flushed down the toilet.

After two years, the Haitian government reports that it needs another three just to clear the rubble from it’s capitol!

Chile, one year after monster earthquake. Look how fast they cleaned up this beach.