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Korean leaders ritually grovel before the NAACP, NOI, and LULAC in Dallas.

A large organization of Korean business owners held a special conference in Dallas this weekend to ritualistically grovel before leaders of the NAACP, the Nation of Islam[NOI], and LULAC.

Local NOI leader Jeffrey Muhammad was a speaker, who according to a local black newspaper, made the Koreans very uncomfortable with his speech. Muhammad is currently leading an aggressive boycott/harassment against a Korean business owner in South Dallas. He has publicly called for all Indian, Korean, Jewish, and Italian businessmen to close their businesses in black neighborhoods.

Koreans have targets of racially motivated robberies and violence in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallas. Black “leaders” like Muhammad claim Koreans “exploit the black community.” Instead of defending themselves, the Federations of Korean Associations is grovelling and trying to placate black leaders.

The events highlight the fact that racial hatred in the black community is by no means reserved just for whites. Racially motivated violence between blacks and non-blacks is rapidly growing nationwide. In fact, American born blacks and Somalia immigrants battle each other in “ethnic riots” in the Columbus, Ohio school system. In Florida, blacks and Haitians square off and battle each other.