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Did mass murderers from Africa move to the US?

Beatrice Munyenyezi faces fraud charges for lying to US immigration officials. She is a Tutsi who is accused of directly participating the Rwanda genocide.

An African couple in New Hampshire are accused of mass murdering members of a rival tribe during the 1994 Tutsi holocaust in Rwanda.

The great lakes region of Africa is populated largely by two groups. The ethnic Tutsi, a tall Nilo-Saharan people and the Hutu, a short dark Bantu people. They have been mass murdering each other for hundreds of years. The Belgian army separated the two rivals and brought a short-lived peace in the region. Once the Belgians left, the two groups began spilling over each others borders and killing each other. The most notorious slaughter was a the “Rwanda Genocide of 1994.” A mass coordinated effort to kill hundreds of thousands of Hutu was launched with radio broadcasts saying “cut down the tall trees.” Tutsi are generally much taller than Hutu.

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