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Liberal Vermont discovers it is also a racist state.

Vermont lefties can’t figure out what they are doing to make blacks and Latinos commit crimes at astronomical rates. They can only conclude that they are somehow being racist and causing the minorities to commit crimes.

From Burlington Free Press…

With its small but rapidly growing minority population, Vermont’s top law enforcement officials and lawmakers are trying to ensure the state’s African-Americans, Hispanic immigrants and other minorities don’t feel the sting of discrimination.

Yet discrimination appears to be finding its way into the actions of at least some members of Vermont’s law enforcement community, and the percentage of African-American inmates in the state’s prisons is 10 times their rate in the population, a figure that has doubled in the past decade, statistics show.

So state police are setting out to improve training to ensure that there is a legitimate reason for troopers to come into contact with minorities — and when they do, that minorities are treated the same as white Vermonters.

The Legislature is considering a bill that would require Vermont’s criminal justice system to keep detailed records of the race and ethnicity of the people who encounter the system. It’s hoped the study can help determine whether bias is at least partly responsible for the disproportionate number of African-American prison inmates.

The same bill would also require all of the state’s police departments to adopt “bias-free” policies.