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Majority of all immigrant families receiving welfare.

Claim: Immigrants come to America to do the jobs Americans don’t want to do.

Reality: This is one of the biggest lies the left-wing and media perpetrate. The majority of immigrants do not come to the US hoping to do hard work. The majority come to collect welfare. Not some, not many, not a lot, but the MAJORITY!

The US Census has confirmed what the CofCC has been telling you for the past twenty years. More immigrants, both legal and illegal, come to the United States to collect welfare than to get “better jobs.”

In Arizona, a staggering 62% of all immigrant families receive assistance from at least one of the following forms of welfare; SSI, TANF, WIC, Public Housing, Food Stamps, Free Lunch, or Medicaid. Most of this 62% are receiving multiple forms of welfare. A large percentage of these families have never paid anything in taxes to support these programs.

In California, New York, and Texas the rate is 61%.

By immigrant family, we mean all families with an immigrant head of household. So this even includes immigrants who married an American citizen!

Illegal alien families primarily receive food stamps and Medicaid by popping out “anchor babies.” Legal immigrants families often are receiving those benefits plus many more.

Among immigrant families from the Dominican Republic an astronomical 80% are on welfare. Among those from Mexico and Guatemala, 75% are on welfare. Among those from Ecuador, 70% are on welfare.

Black immigrants are the most likely to be on welfare. Asian immigrants are the least.

It is absolutely false to say immigrants are coming here to work. It may be true for a majority of immigrants from certain Asian countries, but it is absolutely false for immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean.

They are not coming here to work. They are coming here to abuse the United States and collect welfare. A recent poll from the BBC shows that America is HATED in Mexico. Only 13% of all Mexicans said they like the United States. They do not want to embrace our form of government or way of life. They want welfare, plain and simple!

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