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MMA anti-white double standard.

In the world of MMA fighting, Latino, Asian, and Black pride are routinely cheered and supported.

There is a shocking double standard when it comes to White competitors. Finnish MMA fighter Niko Puhakka (picture at right) has been vilified for his Viking themed tattoos and the words “blood and honor” on his chest. In fact, he is now being barred from even competing.

Puhakka has fought matches all over the world in the M-1 and KSW circuits. His professional record is 24 wins and 11 loses.

Puhakka was supposed to compete in England last December, but was pulled from the fight card by BAMMA. Promoters said they didn’t want him because of his “nazi inspired” tattoos. It has been widely reported in the media that Puhakka has a “Nazi Flag” on his left arm. This is simply false.


UFC fighter Cain Velasquez sports a giant “Brown Pride” tattoo on his chest, and uses Latino racial slogans. He recently said at a press conference that he is “fighting for La Raza.” His openly racial attitude is supported by the UFC, FOX television, and the multitudes of sports magazines who practically cheer him for it. His Latino fans bring Mexican flags and signs saying “Brown Pride” to his matches. Recently FOX television, now the largest network in the US, broadcast one of his matches. They spent nearly a half hour praising the fighter leading up to the match. FOX cameramen made sure to show lots of Mexicans flags and “Brown Pride” signs during the match. You can see the anti-white double standard on display in this video clip.

[youtube SbHSmRAtLIU]