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Paying black children to go to school?

All across America white tax dollars are being diverted outside of the white community and funneled into majority black schools. Numerous studies show that majority black public schools are getting more money per pupil than majority white public schools.

In Cincinnati, Ohio it is about to get worse. The Ohio Department of Education is going to divert an extra $40,000 to a nearly all black High School in Cincinnati to pay students to go to class.

Despite already spending $9,300 per student per year in taxpayer dollars, a whooping 14% of Seniors graduated last year.

Education officials cite “poverty” as the reason the students are so pathetic. However, only 48% of students are classified as “Economically disadvantaged.” Statewide, 36% of all Ohio public school children are classified as “economically disadvantaged.”

Lets examine the facts. Ohio is full of poor white communities. Lancaster High is 97% white and 30% of students are classified as economically disadvantaged. Lancaster High gets $7,400 per student per year.

Let’s review.

Dohn Community High
Almost 100% Black
48% Economically disadvantage
$9,300 per student
Last year graduation rate 14%
State is now diverting an extra $40k to pay students to attend class

Lancaster High
Almost 100% White
30% Economically disadvantaged
$7,400 per student
Last years graduation rate 88% (three year average 91%)

Lancaster High had a graduation rate 628% higher than Dohn for 20% less money.

It’s not poverty. It’s not a lack of funds. Let’s tell the truth.