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Philly Inquirer continues to censor black on white violence.

Disabled Vietnam Veteran Edward Schaefer was attacked at random by a mob of black thugs. They beat him, almost to death, solely for the color of his skin. Photo from Philadelphia Inquirer.

For the past two years Philadelphia has been rocked by weekly black on white mob violence. The attacks just keep coming and coming. The Philadelphia media continues to CENSOR, CENSOR, CENSOR!

In the latest “news report” by the Philadelphia Inquire they inform you that some “young people” are attacking some other people.

This is how the Philadelphia Inquirer describes the attackers: “young and the reckless,” “teens,” “juveniles,” and “young thugs.” The victims are described in equally ambiguous terms.

Imagine that the races were reversed. Imagine if every week in some city somewhere in the United Sates, huge mobs of white thugs were brutally attacking random black victims. It would the biggest news story in the world. An army of Federal agents would descend on the community.

Instead it is white victims and black perpetrators. So the horrific racially motivated crimes are being deliberately hidden from the public.

The crimes have gotten so bad that even Nutter, the black mayor, reversed his original denials and condemned black violence.