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Police State thugs demand all school children eat the same food.

This is what chicken "nuggets" look like before they are breaded and deep fried. The pink color is from ammonium hydroxide, which is used to bleach the chicken scrap pieces, gelatin, and sinew. McDonalds discontinued the use of Ammonium Hydroxide in their "McNuggets" two weeks ago.

A four year old in NC had her turkey and cheese sandwich seized and was forced to eat prefabricated chemically bleached “nuggets” made from the left-over scrap pieces of chicken and gelatin. Police state “childhood development” officials declared her Turkey and Cheese, Banana, and juice box to be “unhealthy.”

Instead she was forced to eat a meal made from the pink goo you see pictured at right. The Federal government recently ordered $7 million dollars worth of Ammonium Hydroxide filled pink goo to be distributed to public schools all over America. McDonalds, however, announced two weeks ago that they were discontinuing use of the pink goo because of an anti-ammonia campaign.

Her mother was given a bill for $1.25.

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The growing trend has seen government officials paid with taxpayer money to micro-manage our everyday lives. Now in North Carolina, the “Food Police” are after your children at school.

A four-year old girl at West Hoke Elementary School had her home brought lunch effectively seized by a government official from the Division of Child Development and Early Education at the Department of Health and Human Services.

The child’s mother packed her little girl’s lunch that consisted of a “turkey and cheese sandwich, a banana, potato chips and apple juice.” The ‘food police’ then apparently told the child she was not allowed to eat her mom’s food, and instead was handed “chicken nuggets” – food served by the school’s cafeteria under federal “nutritional” guidelines.

Child Handed a ‘Government Food Citation’
The four year old girl came home with a “note” (aka ‘Government Food Citation’) to bill the parent(s) for the $1.25 school lunch.

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