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Post a link to this site on Craigslist

Want to easily get 15-150 people or more from your local area to visit this website? You can easily and effectively get people from your local metropolitan are to visit this website.

1) Simply go to
2) Craigslist will automatically route you to a region section of website based on your IP address.
3) If you do not have a craigslist account, you will have to open one.
4) Go to “Rants and Raves” and select “post” in the upper right hand corner.
5) Write a brief message with a link to this website.
6) For each craigslist “rants and raves” post, this website usually gets a minimum of 15 visitors. Some individual craigslist rants and raves posts have generated several hundred visitors.

You would be absolutely shocked at how many people are reading the messages on your local craigslist “rants & raves.”
Sometimes the craigslist moderators will delete your post. Do not worry. Even if your posts are deleted, they still generate a bunch of visitors. It usually takes at least an hour for a post to be deleted. The majority of the traffic that any given post generates, is usually generated in the first hour anyway. You can also change your location on craigslist and post messages for multiple municipalities.

Here are some examples of recent craigslist “rants & raves” posts. Notice how short and simple they are.

Posted Yesterday:

Jacksonville – 66 visitors.
Charleston – 40 visitors.

Past month:

Bemidji – Generated 131 visitors.
Brainerd – Generated 106 visitors.
Ashville – Generated 50 visitors.

There are some other recent ones in the traffic logs that are no longer up. Nashville – 77 visitors, Potland – 65 visitors, St. Cloud – 61 visitors, Minneapolis – 56 visitors.