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Puerto Rican family closes Ice Cream shop after "KKK" controversy.

Acording to local UPI reporter this man "resembled a KKK member."

A local ice shop run by a Puerto Rican family is closing down after seeing business plummet. The drop in business coincides with local race hustlers, joined by some local media, in declaring that their mascot looked like a “KKK member.”

Local UPI reporter declared “its mascot resembled a KKK member.” Wow! That “over 100 years of excellence in journalism” in action! Ocala News 13 was more sympathetic. They reported that the family had never even heard of the KKK and could not even pronounce “Ku Klux Klan” in their interview.

So let’s add “dressing up like an ice cream cone” to the list of thing you can’t say or do because race hustlers and “trained journalists” might mistake it for something “racist.”

Thing you can no longer do (because a black person might accidentally mistake it for “racism”):

Dress up like an ice cream cone.
Use the English word niggardly.
Use the English word niggling.
Say anything about the African nation of Niger.
Use the phrase “black hole.”
Display a Confederate flag.
Display any flag that a black person might mistakenly think is a Confederate flag.
Watch the Disney movie Song of the South.
Own a black lawn jockey.
Criticize the policies of Barack Obama

and many more….