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Racially motivated attacks now widespread in UK.

Muslim immigrants wanted for near fatal racially motivated attack in England. Surprisingly the British media is actually calling it a “hate crime.”

From BNP…

The latest victim of the multi-cultural society is Dan Stringer, 17, who was repeatedly kicked and punched by a mob of up to eight Asians after he fell over as they chased him down a street in Hyde, near Manchester at the weekend.

The teenager was left with a fractured skull, multiple eye-socket fractures and will need plastic surgery in order to help mend the smashed bones in his face.

The victim and his best friend, also just 17 years old, were walking down Market Street, Hyde, on Saturday evening when they passed a takeaway shop.

His mother has been posting a number of updates via facebook, we are re-producing some of them here as this attack must not be hidden away and forgot.