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Radical left-wing "expert" says Australian flag flyers are "racist."

Professor Farida Fozdar is a professional "anti-racist" who conducts research on "battling racism" and helping 3rd world immigrants resettle in Australia. Fozdar is an Indian immigrant and follower of the new age Baha'i religious cult. The cult was started in Iran in the 19th century.

Imagine that an immigrant from India, who follows a bizarre Iranian religious cult, comes to your country and declares that displaying your own flag is racist. Then imagine that the media actually promotes this woman and attacks flag wavers.

An extreme left-wing Sociology professor at the University of Western Australia says flying the Australian flag is an indicator that a person is “racist.”

Immigrant Professor Farida Fozdar, who describes her word as “battling boatloads of prejudice,” says Australians who fly the Australian flag should be viewed as “more racist” than the average Australian.

We have seen the same hate campaigns going on in Sweden against the Swedish flag and California against the American flag.

Among the horrors that Fozdar says she found among flag wavers was “91% said immigrants should conform to Australian values.” Oh what horrible racism!

The shrill Fozdar declared that Australian patriotism is “quite a racist or exclusionary type of patriotism.”

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